Pyrotechnic Displays

Special FX

Here at Pyrodynamics we believe everything looks better on fire (providing no one gets hurt). If you have something you want set on fire talk to us. We can build large-scale signs displaying your flaming business logo, set bars on fire and provide fire effects for theatre and film/TV. If you want it on fire and can imagine it, we can make it happen!

Indoor, Stage and Close Proximity

Close proximity pyrotechnics are made for indoors, close to the audience, staged events, theatre, film and TV. We have an assortment of packages available to suit events such as weddings, nightclubs, concerts and theatre shows. Talk to us and we can tailor a fireworks show to suit any event. Close proximity pyrotechnics makes everything look better and will really impress your guests!

Human Pyrotechnics and Pyrotechnic Theatre

This unique MAXIMUM impact display will bring a spectacular and unforgettable moment to your event. Human pyrotechnics use ‘cold’ effects that are free from hot sparks and safe for the performer. They have a very low smoke output and are suitable for indoors. We can provide a range of theatrical pyrotechnic characters and styles of equipment to suit any event.

Display Fireworks

Outdoor fireworks displays to suit any occasion. Pyrodynamics work very closely with some of Australia’s leading pyrotechnicians and fireworks companies to create unforgettable outdoor displays. Contact us to find out how you can add fireworks to your event. There is no show to big or to small!