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    Professional close proximity pyrotechnic services available in Melbourne

Melbourne Pyrotechnics

Professional pyrotechnic services for events in Melbourne and rural Victoria.

Looking to give your event a bit more bang? Pyrodynamics provides pyrotechnic displays in Melbourne and rural Victoria, With Spectacular and creative shows tailored to suit your needs. So if you’re holding an event in Melbourne that requires stage pyrotechnics or indoor fireworks talk to us about how we can add spectacular close proximity pyro to your event. We can even choreograph a show to your music or provide an indoor fireworks display in sync with an amazing laser show!
Close proximity pyrotechnic effects available in Melbourne are designed to be used safely close to an audience and indoors, which makes it perfect for staged events, weddings, concerts, nightclubs and more.


to see how we can add pyrotechnics to your event in Melbourne or Victoria.