Sydney Fire Twirling Classes

Learn fire twirling in a safe, friendly and fun environment. All classes are taught without fire, we use practice props only.

History of Fire Dancing

Fire twirling is also known as fire dancing, fire spinning and flow arts. It is an ancient tribal art which was first recorded in the Polynesian Islands in the 1940’s. The traditional people practiced this art for a similar reason to capoeira, to make it look like they were just training or dancing for fun, when in fact they were practicing for fighting, they used an implement called a fire knife, which is similar to a fire staff. The Maoris in New Zealand also created their own prop without fire, which is now used in contemporary fire arts, called Poi! Today fire twirling has evolved to a fun, modern and extremely technical performance art, which enriches the lives of all those who fall in love with it.

What the classes offer

we offer classes in all different kinds of fire twirling props, such as: poi, staff, double staff, dragon staff, contact staff, fans, hoop, S-staffs and more! We offer classes for complete beginners from private tuition for the more advanced ninja.
Classes (Except for hoop) are taught by world traveled professional fire performance artist Rob Horner, who is also the owner of Pyrodynamics. Rob has traveled all over the world teaching and performing fire arts and is one of Australia’s leading industry professionals.

Fire Twirling classes are designed to give you a great full body workout, learn difficult tricks, develop your motor skills, increase your general happiness and well being, help with levels of flexibility and performance skills! The classes will run over four weeks, with two classes per week. All classes need to be pre-paid, they will be limited to eight students per class. Drop in classes will also be available but charged at a higher rate, so book for a term and save. Fast track your learning, get help developing routines and prepare for performances by booking a Private lesson! On request we can provide basic fire safety training, for you to practice your skills with fire, HOWEVER Pyrodynamics accepts no responsibility for what you do in your own time! Remember safety first, fun second!


Classes are held in the Northern Beaches and Newtown areas. They will be in professional dance studios.


We can provide affordable equipment or you may bring your own, ‘providing’ they are in good condition, clean and free from black soot, with protective covers over the wicks or ends.


Introduction to Poi

You will learn to use both sides of your body, complete beginner tricks, learn how to move fluidly with the prop and learn the fundamental building blocks of becoming a good fire spinner. An exciting way to get fit, develop core and upper body strength, flexibility and confidence.

Beginner poi – Tuesday – Thursday 6:00 – 7:30pm
Intermediate poi – Private tuition only (please contact us to organize a time)

introduction to fire staff

Release your inner ninja! You will develop strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination, learning the building blocks of fire staff twirling, you will be a
skilled staff spinner in 8 classes guaranteed or you will receive free private tuition! You will learn tricks, flow and freedom of movement. with an introduction into contact and double staff.

Beginner staff classes – Monday – Wednesday 6:00 – 7:00pm
Intermediate/advanced – Private tuition only (please contact us to organize a time)

What to Wear?
  • gym, yogo or comfortable clothing
  • bare feet or socks
  • No dangerous jewellery

Adult Classes